by Wesafari

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released February 16, 2005

produced by wesafari
mixed by andy wright
written and recorded with +/- recording in pittsburgh, boston, los angeles and seattle between 2001 and 2004
see track notes for more information

wesafari is wolf carr, rick wright, casey alexander, and andy wright

mastered by ed brooks at RFI
design by andrio abero (33rpm)

thank you

copyright 2005
set to blow out publishing/ascap



all rights reserved


Wesafari Seattle, Washington

Since 1999, Wesafari has evolved from solo Boston bedroom recordings to a bi-coastal music collective. The group performed live regularly for a decade, primarily on the West Coast with an ever-changing roster of players. Their recordings feature colorful vocal harmonies and distinctive instrumentation including guitars, drums, synths, and ethnic instruments. ... more

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Track Name: Shooting Stars
throw your mind up. let it light up. like a firework. like a flying dream situation. this is real life. what do we know. where do we go. we're not shooting stars. as of right now. i am right here. i am right alive. to be the future. makes you past tense. so be the present. now a liquid. streaming windows. looking inside. of a home filled. with tv mirrors. this is your life. oh no, it could be bad if it echoes back. when i'm not looking. oh no, if time is real it could slip away. beyond my control. what do we owe. if we're not shooting stars?
(rhodes, guitar, bass, drums, vocals, samples, synth, piano, trumpet, subway)
Track Name: Alaska
don't know where we are. having come this far. have we covered any ground. is the future found. and the last of our kind. in alaska will find. everlasting life. there's a way to live. where take means give. and without shame. we'll live again. without a thing.
(guitars, bass, drums, vocals, samples, beatbox, chimes, bodhran, tambourine)
Track Name: Credit
if i'm away even a single day i'll return. and give it all to you. the waves i weave, the songs i need i won't keep. i'll give them all to you. the shrouded lies that sneak behind my eyes i will lose. and give it all to you. the rest of my life i will strain like a fighter until you know. i give it all to you. credit the walls you build. the line that you draw splitting us in two. credit the world inside. but what do i know, i'm better off dead. an echo i let go and although i can't grow. i'm caught in rapid flow from echo to echo. going down desperation. gotta get out of this place. gotta get out of bed. don't want to lose the littlest hold while you are young. unless its a message, an sos, unless its this. i'd never guess that you'd regress to such a mess, as low as this.
(guitars, bass, drums, vocals, samples, churango, nyckleharpe, ahnklung, ocean harp, mailing tube, bodies)
Track Name: Path of Least Resistance
follow the path of least resistance. flow with the tide that commands your existence. open the gates to free inertia. flying with eyes closed. let life breathe itself in. i followed the path of least resistance. i closed my eyes and wiped the slate white. but i never expected the promise. of closing cameras catching the blemishes. everyone wants to be live. living on tv. their antennae receiving feed. won't go alone. proving together love. in tethering you're better off. who are you? are you. trying. to go and get the better of. the sound of you in solitude. who are you. trying to fool now child. everyone wants to receive. their antennae free. i followed the path of least resistance. feelings will grow with a distance. don't go away.
(rhodes, guitars, bass, drums, vocals, piano, nord lead, grandfather clock, gu zheng, shruti box, tape deck, tablas, darbukas, dumbeks, mrdingum, djembe)
Track Name: Whale boy
slowly slid to a stop in southern cali where. everything was/is temptation to go other ways (all the way?). and sitting on our hands, i could feel. my eyes expand for you. all you said was this: i need and excuse to remember. the day that i lost the idea of forever. and knee deep in the sand you found a dime. a sign of good luck, a sign of better times. now you could decide just by flipping to sides. no recourse if you don't choose - no dues. slow down get your thoughts out of my head before i lose mine/mind. stationary games only leave you one choice. but you want/won't change and played for neither one. not to win or lose. so you let the coin choose for you. all this cornering yourself into a space. that compresses you into a cube of pale leather. and bullet proof, you won't inhale. and whether or not you chose how much you're going to be giving in. you just let the coin drop into the riverbed. passing like the sand. 'its out of my hands'. now its out of my hands. a force field you leave behind. animal sensitivity. like the wars we wage. one on one. defines evolution. of humanity. as a bottled rage. soon consumed. but not you.
(rhodes, guitars, bass, drums, vocals, samples, piano, delay lama)
Track Name: Forget the Dark
seven months out, laboring soldier. cotton-like web, cutting my fingers. just ignore it, we'll sleep in december. medicine is great for blocking out. we wouldn't want to see colors compound. we lock ourselves in to protect from harm. and turn out the lights to forget the dark. another day out, another day older. another grain of salt over my shoulder.
(rhodes, guitars, bass, drums, vocals, samples, synth, beatbox, tech ride, talking shaker, elevator)
Track Name: From Glacier to Sea
keeping to a slow step. speaking when there's no one left. wishing i could just give in. i'll never be what i'm supposed to be for her. colored over trash, shit. choking on a short whip. that's wrapping around to snap my pride. twisted in black and blue ties. that i will undo. i've grown roots. surface. atmosphere. breathing in water. to know your skin's exposed where the ice grows. grow this. insecure. the surface is splitting. get to solid ground. grab hold. don't let go. no way out of here. this is a warning. you know your eyes betray what you won't say. crawling on all fours. never-ending corridors. i've been here. i've been this before. welcome me home to open arms. your iron cell bars. look where the scars are out. distress to know my life. never know what's the use. all of the configuring to keep it quiet. and now i know much better how. to keep you underground if you show life. i never know, what's the use? i'm going blind from the light. squeeze into a narrow box. plexiglass panes and locks. where i can't even hear me breathe. i'll never be what I'm supposed to be for you. rat face. enemy. coming to hunt you down. you know your mind's not free so your heart froze. no way out of here. this is a warning. never get to go home. skin's as thin as your control. i broke through.
(rhodes, guitars, bass, drums, vocals, samples, piano, singing bowls, chalumeaux, ping pong shaker, energy chimes, tin whistle, shakuhachi, printing factory)
Track Name: L'enfant Sauvage
landslide. that broke the back. and dropped out the nails. from your side. wild life. come out the cracks. come out and take over. take her back. a spaceship. is all that you are. an orbital. blot on radar. gravity. its use and abuse. locks down. fatty tissue. live wire. set to blow out. without warning. a forest fire. l'enfant sauvage x 1,000,000,000. closer to speed of sound. landlines underground. are surely burning out. leaving us without. like children in the dark. we can't see who we are. perilously we. are perched on man-made stars. i don't want any part of these obscene accusations. i will not entertain 'til you've made some resolution. i don't want any part of these critical calculations. that undermine all we've had and break down all absolution. (its getting hot in here). don't quit quite until we get to cover. cover the situation until the coast is clear. lose control driving straight into the ocean. i'm not quitting until the quitting wins me over. went a little wild. cover the situation up until we get burned. we cannot feel the bitter sting until we get burned. hoping the situation will not ever turn. they covered the situation up until we got burned out. i will never ever rest until we give it a try to make right. i went a little wild. and i fell alive. chooses to leave. wireless machines. soulless camera eyes. artificial life. to lay back into dirt. cover with earth. simply sustained. dissolve when the rain falls.
(rhodes, guitars, bass, drums, vocals, samples, synth, wind wand, melodica, gallery fountain)
Track Name: Wintersong
out there. aqua. career. saliva. look in. words drop. innocence. 'til we stop. listening. upright. pull the string. so tight. catapult. return. to asphalt. and real earth. liquid. oxygen. intuitive. into it. breathing. out words. only. to be heard. if i get. obscene. can't forget. to lose me. best friend. in distress. the connection now. means less. crumbling. backwards. focusing. inwards. take a drag. to stay on earth. what it is. to linger. floating. upwards. sunspots. circular. is this. last words. and a third wish. to see her. time to try. secrets. so close. can feel it. toppling. to jump off. i don't wanna go. but make me. drop. down.
(rhodes, guitar, bass, drums, vocals)